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We are seeking highly motivated and talented postdoctroal researchers,  graduate, and undergraduate students who are interested in biomedical optical imaging and aging related metabolic diseases.

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02/09/2024 Huge Congratulations to Mos (Sirasit Prayotamornkul) on winning "Genentech's Outstanding Student Award Winner", such a prestigious award!!!

02/07/2024 Congratulations to Lingyan on winning the SPIE Photonics West BIOS Hitachi High-Tech Best Presentation Award!

01/27/2024 Lingyan gave a plenary Hot Topic Talk at SPIE Photonics West Annual Conference, meanwhile, Hongje, Tony, Yajuan, and Zhi gave invited talks there.  It is an honor to all the Shi Group members, Congratulations to ALL! 

01/21/2024 Mos (Sirasit) gave a plenary presentation in the 2024 National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) at Harvard University, this is a huge honor and we are extremely proud of you, Mos! WOW Congratulations! 

01/01/2024 Lingyan has been selected for the 2024 BMES-CMBE (Cell and Molecular Bioengineering) Rising Star Junior Faculty Award! Congrats!

12/19/2023 Sirasit (Mos) Prayotamornkul won Triton Research & Experiential Learning (TRELS) Scholarship!!!!! Heartfelt Congratulations!!!!

11/07/2023 Multiple PI NSF MRI grant $1 million is awarded collaborating with Profs. Zhaowei Liu, Mark Ellisman, Shaya Fainman and Peter Gerstoft, from the National Science Foundation to create a first-of-its-kind high-powered microscope for the biomedical sciences, see news release here:

09/21/2023 Our new NIH R01 grant $1.97 millions is awarded for developing a new multi-version sugar metabolic imaging platform for studying aging and diseases.

08/17/2023 Lingyan Win Scialog Awards for our Lab from the "Advancing Bioimaging Initiative" sponsored by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation, and the Walder Foundation, we will collaborate with Prof. Yi-Chih Lin from Chemistry at University of Texas at Austin & Prof. Nick Galati from Biology at Western Washington University to Explore the Mechano-Metabolic Landscape of a Beating Ciliary Array. Congrats!

8/11/2023 Anthony A. Fung (Shi Lab's first PhD student) successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Hearty congratulations Dr. Fung!  

8/11/2023 Jorge Villazon successfully passed PhD qualify exam. Hearty congratulations Jorge! 

7/26/2023 News release about our recent publication: UC SAN DIEGO BIOENGINEERS UNCOVER LIPID METABOLIC DYNAMICS IN DROSOPHILA BRAIN DURING AGING,  "Bioorthogonal SRS imaging uncovers lipid metabolic dynamics in Drosophila brain during aging", congrats!

06/21/2023 Lingyan won "David L. Williams Lecture and Scholarship Award" from Kern Lipid Conference (award sponsored by AMSBIO), congrats!

06/19/2023 Our new paper--"Bioorthogonal SRS Imaging Uncovers Lipid Metabolic Dynamics in Drosophila Brain During Aging" has been published at Gen Biotechnology. Our study directly visualizes and quantifies spatiotemporal alterations of lipid turnover in Drosophila brain at the single organelle (lipid droplet) level. Our study not only demonstrates a new approach for studying brain lipid metabolic activity in situ but also illuminates the interconnection of aging, dietary, and genetic manipulations on brain lipid metabolic regulation.

06/03/2023 Lingyan gave a keynote talk at the LOPS Annual Conference, and won "LOPS Golden Talk Award", congrats!

05/24/2023 Our team led by Anthony A. Fung just won a prize from "Triton Innovation Challenge"! Great job. WOW, congratulations! 

05/24/2023 Sirasit Prayotamornkul is awarded the prestigious "Summer URS Eureka! Research Scholarship". Huge congratulations Mos!

05/08/2023 Welcome Rosemary McKerley as our first NIH HuBMAP summer scholarship awardee join our Lab! So nice to have you in our "Shi Lab family"!

04/08/2023 Proud of our Pegah Bagheri (now a PhD student at USC) for winning “1st Year Grad: Best Poster Presentation", congratulations Pegah! And congratulations on her new co-first-authored manuscript with Khang and other Lab members!

04/02/2023 Khang has been awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP) with Dr. Shi, and he has received full scholarship awarded offers from numerous prestigious Biomedical Engineering PhD Programs. Hearty congratulations on Khang's amazing achievements as an undergraduate researcher in our Lab!  

04/01/2023 Very excited to let everyone know that Mira have accepted the wonderful offer to the Neuroscience PhD Program at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. What a milestone! Hearty congratulations Mira!

02/16/2023 Our research manuscript titled "Super Resolution SRS microscopy with A-POD" has been published by Nature Methods, congrats!

02/16/2023 Our research briefing titled "A deconvolution algorithm to achieve super-resolution stimulated Raman scattering imaging" has been published by Nature Methods, congrats! 

02/15/2023 Lingyan has been selected as a 2023 Sloan Research Fellow (Chemistry):  This generous recognition from the  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will be critical in advancing our team’s next wave of research. Congrats! 

11/20/2022 Our manuscript on "Super Resolution SRS microscopy with A-POD" has been accepted by Nature Methods, congrats!

11/07/2022 Tony helped us win "California Organoid Research Award", fantastic news. Thank you Tony and Congratulations! 

11/02/2022 Lingyan gave a seminar at Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics - Duke University, many thanks to Prof. Tuan Vo-Dinh for the invitation!

09/27/2022 Khang received three awards: the Sixth College Travel Award, URH Professional Development Award, & Jacob School of Engineering Student Travel Award - Congratulations! 

09/07/2022 Tony won Baxter Young Investigator Awards for his 3D multimodal imaging biopsy research on human kidney - Congratulations!

06/11/2022  Audrey won "Scripps Research Young Scientist Award - GSDSEF 2022"! Congratulations!

06/01/2022  Pegah passed Master Thesis Defense. Excellent job. Congratulations! 

05/01/2022  Tony won "American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery Scholarship". Congratulations!

04/14/2022  Bioengineers Visualize Fat Storage in Fruit Flies

03/15/2022 Congratulations to Anthony A. Fung on passing the senate exam! A milestone!

11/25/2021 Congratulations to all the co-authors on those newly published journal papers. Thanks to our wonderful collaborators and supporters. Feel free to check our publication list for details. Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

10/15/2021 Lingyan won 3rd Prize Rising Star Award of Light.  Thanks to Nature Light Rising Star Award committee and the nominator!  

08/30/2021 Lingyan was selected Finalist of 2021 Rising Stars of Light . Thanks Nature Light selection committees and the nominator!

07/12/2021 Lingyan was selected "Rising Star Award" by Laser Focus World. Thanks Laser Focus World.

07/01/2021 Lingyan was selected to receive "Hellman Fellow Award". Thanks Hellman Fellow Society.

06/12/2021 Phyllis Chang, Audrey, and David Hoang joined Lab for Summer Research, welcome Phyllis, Audrey, and David!

05/16/2021 Honghao received full scholarships for graduate program (multiple offers), and he will move to his favorite city soon. Congratulations Honghao!

05/10/2021 Mira received competitive offers for neuroscience research position, congratulations Mira!

05/03/2021 Khang received prestigious Genentech Scholarship for undergraduate research, congratulations Khang! 

05/01/2021 Khang joined Lab for summer intern, welcome Khang!

04/26/2021 Zhi joined Lab for graduate research rotation! Welcome Zhi!

04/23/2021 Congratulations Summer, Derek, Darragh, Chloe, wonderful job on presenting your senior design project on metabolic imaging of breast cancer with Raman scattering microscopy!

03/29/2021 News article about our Lab by Becky Ham

03/05/2021 Mira and Tony gave oral presentations on Cancer metabolic imaging at SPIE Optical Biopsy, toward Real-time Spectroscopic Imaging and Diagnosis! Congratulations. 

02/25/2021 Lingyan was selected "Advancing Bioimaging Scialog Fellow", thanks Scialog Program committee of Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

01/20/2021  Lingyan was selected "Faculty Fellowship 2021",  thanks Faculty Fellowship Program Israel.

08/17/2020 Honghao joined Lab for undergraduate research, welcome Honghao!

08/04/2020 New patent awarded "Method for Imaging Biological Tissue Using Polarized Majorana Photons”. U.S. Patent NO. 10733729 "  by Alfano, Sandra, and Shi

08/17/2020 Welcome Senior Design Group (Summer, Derek, Darragh, Chloe) ! 

07/31/2020 Lingyan received OSA Senior Member Designation, thanks OSA!

01/20/2020 New patent allowed “Supercontinuum microscope for resonance and non-resonance enhanced linear and nonlinear time resolved microscope for tissue and materials” by Alfano and Shi

12/12/2019  Congratulations to Anthony Fung for passing his PhD qualify exam! 

11/04/2019  Yajuan, Anthony, Mira joined Lab! Welcome Yajuan, Anthony, and Mira!

10/01/2019 Lingyan arrived at San Diego and started the new "Laboratory of Optical Bioimaging and Spectroscopy" in the Department of Bioengineering at UCSD

Before UCSD

07/16/2019  Dr. Shi gave a talk at New York Academy of Science, Blavatnik Science Symposium:

09/05/2018  Dr. Shi is awarded the 2018 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists.