Laboratory of Optical Bioimaging and Spectroscopy

Optical Metabolic Imaging Platform

We develop and apply a novel integrated multi-probe stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy imaging platform for visualizing metabolism and drug delivery in living organisms. It combines (1) bioorthogonal labeling to examine the uptake and synthesis activity in tissues, and (2) label-free endogenous signals within the cell to examine cell structure, chemical composition, and biomolecular trafficking. This platform will allow for metabolic imaging on cells, tissues, live animals, and more.

Cells organize to form intricate 3D biological structures that are closely related to their physiological functions. It is critical to assess their structural and functional correlations at an organ-wide scale when study metabolic activities.

Large-scale volumetric SRS imaging techniques are necessary for in-depth understanding of whole-organ metabolic heterogeneity. A new and effective tissue-clearing approach is also required that is compatible with SRS imaging and can better reveal morphogenesis and chemical changes in normal and pathological conditions.

We are developing and applying a tissue clearing assisted general optical microscopy platform for volumetric SRS imaging that can visualize both the chemical composition and the metabolic activities in large-scale biological specimens.